Destination Inspiration has but one goal. That goal is to provide people who suffer from mental health disorders or who are just stuck in a rut and not sure what to do with their lives with the opportunity to undertake an adventure which will challenge their inner strength.

In 2016 our CEO and Founder Craig Marchant undertook his own adventure which was trekking the Inca Trail to raise funds for the Leukaemia Foundation here in Australia.

Picture of Craig

On the second day, Craig was on the verge of giving up the challenge when a chance conversation with his tour leader and all around good guy Jimmy change the course of his life. Suffering from a mild case of Altitude Sickness, Craig was told that people bigger / heavier them him had completed the Inca Trail and that he could do this.

That conversation was precisely what Craig needed to hear, and he continued, determined that he was going to complete the challenge no matter what. That conversation provided the necessary fire to complete the challenge, and what a fantastic feat that was.

We firmly believe that everybody can do something amazing with their lives and we aim to provide several challenges for you. With Craig as your Adventure Leader, these challenges will not only give you the confidence to face life daily but also inspire you to make changes for the better.